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Onings Holland Inc.
Biancheri Creations

Onings Holland is a renowned exporter of bulbs and tubers. The Onings family business was established over 65 years ago and enjoys a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Besides being a top supplier of lily bulbs, Onings Holland is also a valued supplier of other bulbs and tubers such as tulips, irises, freesias, hyacinths, gladioli and a wide range of miscellaneous bulbs for both growers as well as dry sale purposes. The company sources the bulbs and tubers from carefully selected growers from around the world.


Bot Flowerbulbs

produzione e commercializzazione di bulbi di ranuncolo e anemone production and commercialization of ranunculus and anemone bulbs



From Grower to Gardener
We have been engaged in developing, cultivating and marketing flower bulbs for four generations.

Flower bulbs are in our nature! We know all about it.

In 1992 Bot started a hybridising program for iris. We try to develop new irises that have a longer vase life. Before introducing new varieties we test them our selves extensively in our greenhouse. This way we can offer you a unique product. Already a lot of progress has been made and new irises have been introduced. These new introductions are named after Rivers.

C. Steenvoorden

C. Steenvoorden BV, gevestigd in de Bollenstreek, een gerenommeerd exporteur van bollen en knollen. Met het behoud van traditionele beginselen, kwaliteit en service, heeft het bedrijf C. Steenvoorden BV zich ontwikkeld tot een van de grootste lebanciers van bloembollen wereldwijd en zijn er exportactiviteiten op zo`n 50 landen. 


Nine years ago, we started RVB hydration trial. Since we decided to use this product, we got a complete change of the Hydrangea-industry. Hortensia was always considered as a flower with a low vase-life. Nowadays we don't have any problem related to flower dehydration, thanks to Chrysal RVB and to the expert and timely technical advice of Margriet Kroon from Chrysal and the day by day accompaniment by Chrysal representatives in the area.

Haakman Flowerbulbs


Haakman Flowerbulbs started in 1938 as a traditional West-Friesian vegetable farm. Nowadays, Haakman Flowerbulbs is a specialist in the export of tulips intended for forcing, has its own tulip nursery and a branch in New Zealand. Haakman also supplies bulk tulips intended for the dry sales market.

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If you want to get more information and mutual growth with Woori Flower Seeds Co., Ltd., an agricultural corporation, please apply for cooperation .

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