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Agricultural corporation Woori Flower Seed Co., Ltd.

Woori Flower Seed & Seedling Co,. LTD has grown up from 1986s when the initial stage of horticultural business started sharing pleasures and sorrows together with all the flower growers.

As a company leading flower culture and carrying innovations into actions, we will do our best to be the best company who can give helps to our customers along their sides.


No.1 in Horticultural industry.

Woori Flower Seed & Seedling has grown up into No.1 company in Horticultural industry, thanks to the love of our customers lasted from 1986s.


More than about 1,800 different growers of our customers.

Woori Flower Seed & Seedling Co,. LTD have grown up with domestic growers for a long time sharing pleasures and sorrows together. With Know-how, Technologies, and Work-experiences Wooriseed has acquired for a long time, we are trying to do our best to cooperate with our growers to have them make their best profits based on our various internal data and analysis.


The one and only Royalty receiving company.

Wooriseed is the one and only company in Korea receiving Royalty by exporting plants to abroad.

Wooriseed also helps growers and personal breeders if they need to receive plant variety right and plant patent or find abroad market from

A to Z.


Supply for Festival and delivery in bulk.

Wooriseed supplies various different festivals (Tae-an flower festival, Everland, Seoulland, Go-yang flower festival, sun-cheon bay national garden, im-ja island) in bulk.


Attending various exhibitions.

Wooriseed attends various exhibitions such as flower expositions, Tae-an flower festival, Gwa-cheon flower exhibitions and etc, sharing pleasures flowers give to us with everyone.

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​We are a valuable partner of Woori Flower Seed Co., Ltd., an agricultural corporation.
Woori Flower Seeds Co., Ltd., an agricultural corporation introduction

Introducing Woori Flower Seeds Co., Ltd., an agricultural corporation.

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